FCN Quality is here to help policing achieve and maintain compliance with the relevant forensic quality standards; to reduce duplication of effort, share knowledge and accelerate accreditation attainment, and to enable a single community voice in response to the Regulator. That same support is also available to Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs ) and Fire and Rescue Services, which also undertake Forensic Science Activities.  
We can offer a  wide range of support services to assist with compliance to quality standards including ISO standards and the Forensic Science Regulator’s Code of Practice. We also offer an Accreditation Support Team Service, which allows us to share learning and experiences from across policing to help accelerate accreditation in your force. We have  already assisted  several Police Forces to achieve accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020 for Incident Scene Examination (CSI).
FCN’s highly specialised team has significant technical knowledge and experience of the challenges faced by policing. We can help you comply with relevant quality standards, gain and maintain accreditation by supporting your preparations for UKAS assessment. 

Tailored advice

•    Reviewing quality management system documentation including technical methods and validation 
•    Witnessing practitioners undertake examinations to help them prepare for UKAS assessment
•    Evaluation of readiness for UKAS assessment to relevant quality standards 
•    Preparatory sessions for UKAS visit planning 
•    Real-time support and advice during UKAS visits 
•    Assistance reviewing and understanding themes around UKAS findings 
•    Collating, analysing, and reporting on the national accreditation landscape
•    Recognising and facilitating work share opportunities throughout policing 
•    Working through risks and using shared learning to overcome complex challenges .
•    Extension of support via workstreams and expert network events 


We provide support, guidance and shared learning to many disciplines and areas of work. 


Team contacts

As an organisation that strives for continual improvement your feedback is important to us. If you would like to submit feedback relating to any aspect of the FCN then please email the following FCNQualityTeam@Dorset.police.uk.