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Welcome to the new network for forensic science in England and Wales, supporting more than 4,000 specialists with critical services, advice and technology.

FCN is the UK's largest forensic science network - for policing, by policing.



Force Focus: Northumbria Police’s Kirsty Potter on launching a new Forensic Services Department

Kirsty Potter, Head of Forensic Services at Northumbria Police
In October, Northumbria brought traditional and digital forensics, CCTV and forensic collision investigation together into one Forensic Services Department. Northumbria’s Head of Forensic Services, Kirsty Potter, who led the change describes the force’s journey in recent years and the benefits of its new approach.

GMP’s Emily Burton: new DNA Futures group will “explore capability and innovations to improve criminal justice outcomes”

A new group bringing together the policing, forensic and criminal justice community will explore opportunities and innovations in DNA to enable better investigations and criminal justice outcomes. Read more from Greater Manchester Police's Emily Burton.

At the heart of the FCN is the desire to work together nationally to deliver high quality, specialist forensic science capabilities; to share knowledge; and to improve resilience, efficiency, quality and effectiveness.

FCN Services
Identifying and exploiting opportunities so members can meet future challenges by having the people, knowledge, skills and specialist tools and capabilities they will need.
Achieving and maintaining quality service with efficient, standardised processes, and to act as a single voice with key standards and accreditation stakeholders.
Maximising resilience and effectiveness through the design, introduction and maintenance of new ICT platforms, tools, operating models and business change support.
Designing, developing and maintaining a sustainable and forward-looking commercial marketplace for both traditional and digital forensic science