"We recognise that our Forensic Workforce can be exposed to regular and in some areas, sustained, trauma throughout their careers. Whilst, the police wellbeing agenda is well established, it is acknowledge that there are areas of deficiencies across the forensic workforce. Through this work we will seek to understand the specific challenges faced by our forensic practitioners and ensure that they have access to the support, resources and tools required to secure their long term health and wellbeing. We will proactively encourage and grow a positive culture across the community, socialising wellbeing as a subject and encourage everyone to understand and take personal responsibility for securing and enhancing their own wellbeing.  We want to equip line mangers to support the wellbeing needs of their teams. We aim to create an inclusive environment that enables everyone to flourish and feel that they belong."


The FCN runs a series of workstreams focussed on different aspects of workforce management.


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