Current Activities in this area

  • Funding obtained to identify the current challenges in relation to recruitment for diversity.
  • Analysis of workforce and higher education gender and diversity data.
  • Creation of Live Brief template.
  • Creation of Career Day template

Identified priorities

  • Recruitment practices for better diversity and resilience
  • Promotion of the profession, provide realistic expectations
  • Mentoring and tutoring for new starters

Forensic Science Career Days

Feedback from employers often makes reference to the poor quality of application forms received from graduates and the poor performance at assessment centres and interviews. Interventions by employers and working in partnership with Higher Education Institutes can address this, by including an input from those involved in police recruitment, in university career and employability events. Collaboration between academics, practitioners and recruitment/career specialists can work to address these problems.

We have produced a guidance document for Forensic Science Career Days. Please contact if you have any information that you would like to share or have any questions.

Guidance for Forensic Science Career Activities | FCN

Guidance for Live Briefs.

A live brief is an opportunity for students to work with external organisations on a real-world task/problem and provides them with the opportunity to identify innovative and creative solutions. It is the integration of theory with practice and enables students to develop an understanding of issues in the real ‘working’ world and what it is like to try to address these challenges.

Live Briefs can be delivered as part of a core or option module or as part of an employability/skills module.  It is a method of engaging students and assessing their learning by using real ‘working’ world problems, presented by academics and practitioners. They may be delivered by the partner organisation synchronously either online or in person or asynchronously online. They can also be used as a virtual placement opportunity if employers have time for more interaction with the students.

We've produced a guidance document for Live Briefs. Please contact if you have any information that you would like to share or have any questions.

Guidance for Live Briefs | FCN

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