This endeavour will aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of policing, forensic science, technology and associated methods and techniques through collaborative Information sharing, broadening access to knowledge and partnerships across the criminal justice system.

Key objectives:

  • Improve operational effectiveness through improved information sharing, cross-border and cross-organisational collaboration in research, linking the wider forensic community to research areas outside of the discipline.
  • Enable areas of specific research strength to work together.
  • Support and contribute to the FCN Research and Development Strategy.
  • Encourage and coordinate research salient to operational requirement.
  • Support project coordination and idea development in line with ISO17025/17020 validation requirements
  • Improving the transition from research concept to market and / or operational implementation
  • Opportunities to seek collaborative research funding bids.
  • Develop regional research advocates within forces for pathway into the Research Working Group.
  • Assure student and post graduate research is shared via the COP repository to support evidence-based policing and via open access repositories.
  • Oversight and governance from the NPCC Science and Innovation Board.
  • Disseminate research via the FCN Newsletter (keeping the forensic communities updated), or annual events, webinars, symposiums etc.
  • Engagement with both national and international forensic specialists.
  • Support the development and engagement of the FCN Work Force Strategy.

Welcome - FCN | 3D Expert Research Group - Knowledge Hub

Group Chair:  Shelley Wilson

Shelley has extensive experience working within policing across imaging and digital forensic disciplines. Shelley has been a practitioner in the field and prior to her joining the FCN was a Digital Forensic Manager with Hampshire Police.  Shelley is fully versed with accreditation and quality requirements in this arena and she has supported the delivery of a collaborative innovation partnership across policing and academia. Shelley has technical experience of imaging and audio-visual and has broader knowledge across other forensic disciplines and is passionate about all aspects of forensic imaging, CCTV, 2D/3D imagery including laser scanning, body mapping, visual comparisons and enhancement technique.  Shelley is keen to explore new technology and supports is development for operational practice.

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