Investigators play a major role in solving crime. While investigative roles are hugely rewarding, the long working hours, high pressure environment and repeated exposure to trauma, are just some of the many triggers that impact their mental health and wellbeing.

In an effort to raise awareness, share best practice and encourage national conversations relating to investigators wellbeing, the NPCC has organised an Investigator Wellbeing Week of Action as part of the wider Recruitment, Retention and Wellbeing of Investigators Portfolio. The week will take place via Microsoft Teams from 13-17 November 2023.

The week of action is an opportunity for investigator colleagues to listen to a host of guest speakers, ask questions and share their own thoughts and experiences.

In a series of in-depth webinars, the five-day event will explore the following themes:

  • Monday 13th – Leadership (Managing Wellbeing, Recognition and Reward and Employee Voice and Engagement).
  • Tuesday 14th – Protect and Prepare (Managing Wellbeing in Investigations, Preparing for the role and Peer Support).
  • Wednesday 15th – Creating the Environment (Working environment, Partnership Working, Trust and confidence).
  • Thursday 16th – Mental Health (Mental Health support, Counselling and Crisis support, Ending Stigma).
  • Friday 17th – Personal Resilience (Physical Wellbeing, Emotional and mental wellness, and Work life Balance).

In our recent national forensic risk assessment – or FORSTRA – FCN highlighted workforce wellbeing as a key issue. One respondent during our research said:

“The unremitting workload coupled with the nature of crimes colleagues are witness to, applies increasing impact on the wellbeing of ourselves and that of our teams”.

To explore this issue further, FCN is also facilitating a research project measuring the wellbeing of DF and CSI staff in Leicestershire Police. FCN’s Workforce Lead, Paula Mulroy, said:

“The police have no national approach on wellbeing for forensic teams, and until now no-one has studied the physical and mental toll of the job in detail. We want to shed light on what forensic teams experience on a daily basis, and help organisations serve their forensic workforce better.”

To register for the event click the appropriate link within the Timetable and Information SheetAlternatively, please complete the registration form to receive the relevant calendar invites. Teams invitations will be sent no later than 24 hours prior to the event and ticket sales will close at 12 noon the day prior to each session.

Please contact should any issues relating to bookings arise.