As promised back in October, the first Computer GTD kits are being shipped to eager recipients in forces.

The kits comprise of 6 physical disks, 20 GTD items, and over 212 GB of data which will support Digital Forensic Units in the validation of their most common methods and to meet the requirements of the Forensic Science Regulator.

Creator of the GTD, FCN Scientific Officer Paul Fenwick said:

“The ground truth test data has been generated with a high level of scientific rigor and control, to give forces trust and confidence in testing methods and tools deployed within policing. The data sets have been developed in a way that enables further development and sets a baseline for an enduring capability.”

Force forensic teams have warmly received the initiative.

Paul Powles Quality Manager from Gwent Police said:

“Initiatives like this are absolutely essential to ensure we get a consistent approach to meet our digital validation objectives”

Mark Randall, Digital Media Investigation Team Manager with Hertfordshire Constabulary said:

“We’re looking forward to receiving our kit. It’s going to save a huge amount of staff time within our DFU. I’d like to thank the team at FCN for pulling this together.”

The team working on the project was led by Simon Cullen, FCN's Lead Scientist. He said:

“Based on the time it would have taken for each of the 58 organisations to have recreated the GTD packages themselves the project of has delivered £445,000 worth of benefits to policing and has demonstrated the value of tackling difficult forensics challenges with central support, reducing duplication by doing things once for the benefit of many”

If you would like to know how FCN can support you, please get in touch.

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