We’ve been doing a lot of work recently to help support SARCs. The latest example is the development of documentation for a SARC QMS.

FCN Quality Specialist Michelle Gaskell has been working with the SARC community since January to create a set of documents. The documents are in line with ISO 15189, FSR Codes (and appendices) and ILAC G19.

Michelle said:

“Any SARC can use the QMS by filling in your SARC specific details and adapting your process to be in line with these procedures. By doing this you will ensure that your SARC Quality Management System is in line with the regulatory requirements.

Click below to access Michelle's step-by-step video guide


The FCN SARC QMS includes:

  • Quality Manual
  • 21 Standard operating procedures
  • 44 template forms, include logs and registers
  • Work instructions
  • 54 reference documents

Michelle continued:

“We hope the QMS will help SARCs achieve UKAS accreditation while providing a consistent high-quality service to victims.”

Jeanine Ransom, Regional Quality Officer Avon & Somerset Police said:

“Thank you for your time and effort writing these SOPs, it’s a big piece of work. We’re all very grateful.”

The entire SARC QMS is available on Knowledge Hub Green.

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