Over 500 people from across the forensic community signed-up to take part in week-long exploration of wellbeing and mental health topics. The sessions are available to view on our website and are intended to be a complement to existing organisational support.

Session recordings and presentations





Tim Rowlandson, Head of Scientific Services at Hampshire Police is leading the Wellbeing Workstream of FCN’s Workforce Strategy. He said:

“We were delighted to share so many excellent speakers with you. All of them brought valuable experience and learning to the table, whether by recounting their own stories, explaining the science behind the way we deal with trauma or offering practical ways to manage our mental health.

Understanding how we deal with the stress of our work is essential to maintaining good mental health. Part of that is recognising the signs that we might be experiencing trauma and acting early to prevent it becoming overwhelming.

We also have to look out for each other. As a senior manager it’s my responsibility to support my staff and ensure they have access to a consistent level of care. I would encourage my fellow managers to use the recordings to review the level of support they have available and stimulate discussion within their teams.”

Paula Mulroy is the FCN Workforce Strategy Lead and the principal organiser behind #FCNWellfest. She said:

“The festival is one of the first tangible products of the Workforce Strategy, so we’re absolutely delighted with how well it’s been received. It also highlights the importance of a national strategy to support forensic practitioners and employers.”

Andrea Isaac from South West Forensics said:

“I found the sessions really insightful. They’re just the kind of support we need in forensics. A massive thank you to everyone involved!”