The Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) has a statutory duty to consult such persons the FSR considers appropriate, which must include persons appearing to the FSR to be representative of persons carrying out activities to which the Code will apply.  To help facilitate this and other communications, the FSR is requesting forensic organisations provide some basic information using the forms below.

1) The name and contact details of an appropriate individual(s):

2) The forensic science activities (FSAs) you or your organisation undertake: by 23:59 on June 8th 2022.

Further information about the contents of each FSA definition can be found in the Version 2.0 draft of the Code here:

As these are working drafts and may be subject to change, responses will be taken as an indication of the FSAs undertaken for the purposes of consultation. The FSR will make contact once the Code is approved by Parliament to confirm that your organisation is covered by the provisions of the Act.

Please contact with any questions.