As part of the FCN wellbeing workstream we have been working with the Wellbeing of Investigators Working Group. DCC Ian Critchley (NPCC Lead for child protection) is leading on a piece of research to understand the impacts of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation investigations on Police Staff and Officers.

The team want to find out how individuals cope with the demands of the job, or not, in order to identify when and how staff health can be improved by early intervention and greater awareness. They are seeking any CSAE police officers or staff of any rank to take part. Participation is anonymous and no personal data is gathered.

The purpose of this project is to gain a detailed insight into the mental health and wellbeing of police staff and officers who routinely and regularly work in any Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSAE) investigations, in any team or unit.

Hampshire Constabulary’s Head of Scientific Services, Tim Rowlandson is leading the wellbeing workstream of FCN’s Workforce Strategy. He said:

“I would urge anyone working in this very challenging area of policing to take a few minutes out of their day to complete the survey. We want to ensure the right measures are in place to protect and support our people as they deal with these awful crimes. The information gathered as part of this research project will play a valuable part in this work.”

Please forward to Digital Forensic Units and other relevant staff to encourage teams to take part in this very important survey. The questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Survey link >>>>>

You may also be interested in the upcoming Forensic Wellbeing Festival 16 – 20 May. Please encourage your colleagues to sign up.

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