Mr Pugh began on 16 May 2021 and will carry out the role for three years, taking over from the Interim Regulator Rupert Shute.

The news comes shortly after the new Forensic Science Regulator Act 2021 was passed into law. The Act was the result of a Private Members Bill, promoted by Darren Jones MP. The stated intention of the Act is to give the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) statutory powers to ensure that forensic evidence is of a sufficiently high standard and to enforce a code of practice for forensic science activities relating to the criminal justice system in England and Wales.

FCN Director of Quality, Deborah Pendry said: “the post of Forensic Science Regulator is vitally important to the quality of criminal justice outcomes and the new Act will give the post holder real power to maintain standards. At the FCN we are looking forward to developing a good working relationship with Gary.”

Gary Pugh said: “I look forward to building on the solid work of my predecessors and working with the team that support my role to ensure the effective operation of forensic quality standards.”

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