The Forensic Capability Network has published its business strategy, setting out the network’s purpose and strategic direction for the next three years and beyond.

The 19-page document provides clarity on FCN’s strategic goal to “create a truly collaborative and networked forensic policing model powered by the FCN” as well as the strategic objectives which underpin the approach (see page 10).

FCN’s continued growth will come in four phases: launching in 2020-21, adoption by forces in 2021-22, embedding in 2022-23, and finally evolving and sustaining from 2023 onwards (page 13).

FCN encourages those working in policing, industry and academia to read, use and get involved in the network’s strategy. The document was consulted on with forces in February and March, and published in April 2021.

A live virtual event is taking place on Tuesday 25th May at 10-11am via Microsoft Teams, allowing people across the network to learn more and ask questions about the business strategy directly from FCN’s CEO and Directors. Register to attend the event here.

Introducing the strategy, FCN’s CEO Jo Ashworth said:

“I want to give the network clarity on FCN’s purpose, plans and future, and I hope the strategy does just that. I very much want this to be a ‘living and breathing’ document, which FCN’s teams deliver against and most importantly which our members support and engage with.”

Providing a foreword for the strategy, James Vaughan, Chief Constable of FCN’s host force Dorset Police, said:

“The team has put in the hard yards to explain the network’s purpose and bring that vision to life for the network. Behaving like a network sometimes doesn’t come naturally to policing and we’re all learning how to work together. For me, the strategy that Jo and her team have articulated here really does bring the network to life and show the tangible ways FCN is bringing value and impact to policing.”

Sign up here for the FCN business strategy virtual event (25th May, 10-11am).

Read the FCN business strategy here.