Back in September we put out a call for volunteers to join a working group headed by FCN Scientific Officer Shelley Wilson. The aim of the group is to look at developing 3D printing as a forensic service, identifying and sharing best practice and embedding the technology within the investigative and court presentation process.

The response has been fantastic. Shelley said:

“There’s been a real flurry of interest in this. I’ve had responses from a such a broad range of professionals, which is exactly what we need for this expert network group. We’ve got imaging leads and other reps from eight UK forces as well as forensic service providers, universities and a pathologist. 

The first meeting will be in early November, virtually of course, and it’s going to be such a pleasure to work with these people. 3D printing has a lot of potential, but we need to make sure it’s properly used and these are just the right people to help us achieve that.”

If you’re interested in the work of this group, or the use of 3D printing within UK forensics, please get in touch.