Organised at the request of FCN members, the conference will enable CSMs and CSCs to share experience, knowledge and new discoveries in forensic crime scene investigation, hosted by FCN.

A conference of this kind was initially requested via Twitter by Ryan Howell, Regional Forensic Coordinator at South West Forensics, and has since inspired popular support from across the forensics community.

It will run virtually in the week of the 30th November via Microsoft Teams, comprised of a series of 1.5-hour sessions with expert presenters and Q&As. 

Introducing the conference, South West Forensics’ Ryan Howell said: 

“Forensic professionals are often at the cutting edge of science. No two crime scenes are identical and there’s a lot to be gained by exploring new techniques. But too often we only find out about a great bit of innovation from another force when it crops up in academic literature, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring forces together to share some of these techniques and ideas. 

“Having put out feelers on Twitter, there definitely seems to be an appetite for an event like this, so I hope my police colleagues will seize the opportunity to take part.

“Normally organising a conference would mean lots of work and expense: hiring a venue, paying travel costs, abstraction of officers from their day job and choosing the right biscuits. In our brave new world of remote working, we can bring people together more easily and with the support of FCN to coordinate it.”

CSM CSC conference tweet
The first national Crime Scene Managers and Coordinators conference all started with a tweet.

Have your say

To help shape the format and sessions of the event, we are inviting Crime Scene Managers and Coordinators to have your say in this poll. Anyone interested in presenting at the conference should contact Ryan.

While the target audience is Crime Scene Managers and Coordinators from police forces across England and Wales, we welcome other forensic colleagues from within policing (i.e. those with a pnn or cjsm email address).

How to register

To register for the event, please enter your details here. A full programme and joining instructions for each session will be shared closer to the time.