A new series of virtual events run by FCN have attracted more than 250 people across policing and the forensic community in the first month.

Hosted on Microsoft Teams in an informal style, events have been held during August and September on topics from Streamlined Forensic Reporting and R&D, as well as open Q&As for operational policing and forensic scientists. 

The events have been extremely well received, with 96% of attendees saying they would recommend future events to colleagues and friends and giving the events an average 4 out of 5 stars.

The most recent Ask FCN event was a wide-ranging Q&A session for forensic scientists, covering topics as varied as cold case reviews, budgetary restraints on forensic evidence, R&D priorities and much more.

“An excellent presentation. Hearing Carolyn today, talking so passionately and so inclusively, made me feel that there is hope!” 

“Was very impressed with the format and I learned a good deal that will help my colleagues. Many thanks!”

“All the speakers were knowledgeable - there was a lot of information to pass on, but it was done in a professional way.”

“The presentation was excellent” 

“Carolyn was a superb speaker and totally unflustered”

FCN Communications and Stakeholder Manager, Jonny Aldridge, said:
“These events are a valuable tool for sharing information and bringing people together. It gives us an opportunity to engage directly with the policing and forensic communities we serve, which in turn shapes our thinking about how we do things. Thank you to everyone who has attended and enjoyed an event so far, and we’d now like to hear from FCN’s members about future topics you’d like to discuss.”

FCN is calling for suggestions from police forces and the forensic community on future events you would like to attend, and topics you would like us to discuss collectively. We will review all suggestions and hold events on the most-requested topics. 

To suggest an event, please just contact us at www.fcn.police.uk/contact-us.