Policing is responding at pace to the coronavirus outbreak, and new guidance is now available to forensic practitioners and others working in policing and criminal justice.

FCN's new guidance sets out how forensic practitioners can follow social distancing measures, effectively use PPE and make safe decisions to avoid transmitting the virus.

Our guidance is sourced by FCN's scientific, quality and standards experts, compiling best practice from across government, policing, science and industry.

The areas of advice are shown below, with links to the full guidance documents. Th

Taking biometric samples from detainees

Taking fingerprints, DNA and photographs

Download the full guidance here.

Handling police personnel test swabs for submission to EFS (for Submissions Units) 

Wearing PPE and taking actions to avoid transmitting traces of the virus.

Download the full guidance here.

More guidance to follow


If you are have questions or requests about forensics response to coronavirus, please contact us.