The NPCC Forensic Marketplace Portfolio Board has published updates on activity being undertaken around the emerging risks and challenges from COVID-19.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times and need to ensure a coordinated, considered and practical approach is taken to safeguarding access to forensic services for policing and law enforcement.

I have established a strategic direction for the forensic marketplace, ensuring we are aligned with the NPCC’s national guidance on COVID-19 as well as linking into forces’ regional and local business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans.

COVID-19 is likely to affect all service providers and internal functions across policing. Our business continuity and contingency plans will take this into account alongside the potential need for management of submissions should Force Submissions Unit(s) close. 

For my full update, Chief Constables, PCCs, forensics leaders and others with access, should visit ChiefsNet. I will provide further updates as and when the situation changes. 

Paul Gibson

Assistant Chief Constable (Crime and Territorial Policing)

Derbyshire Police

NPCC Lead Forensic Marketplace