FCN quarterly report Q2 2023/24

FCN's quarterly report updating you on progress against our annual delivery plan.

SFR Case Management Risk Form - Non-Expert June 23

Case Management Risk Form template (SFR) in Microsoft Word format for use by Non-Experts. Last updated June 23.

Mitigation Guidance - Guidance for Forensic Practitioners Attending Court v1.0

Swab Out Crime participant information booklet

An 8-page booklet containing information and diagrams for participants of Swab Out Crime.

National Forensic Strategic Threat and Risk Assessment (FORSTRA) 2023

This new annual report published by FCN on behalf of the NPCC is the first time a nationwide forensic strategic threat and risk assessment of its kind has been conducted by UK policing.

FCN Research and Innovation Strategy

This is the first R&I strategy for forensic science in policing published by FCN in August 2023.

FCN Workforce Strategic Plan

This document presents policing's vision for the forensic science workforce - ensuring we have the right people with the right skills in the right place.

Swab Out Crime flyer (two-sided)

FCN quarterly report Q1 2023/24

FCN's new quarterly reports are here to keep you updated on progress against our annual delivery plan.

Participant Information Sheet- Development of a UK Y Chromosome Reference Database V2

Swab Out Crime poster

Promotional material for organisations hosting a Swab Out Crime sampling event. Printable A4 poster.

We've compiled recordings from live conferences and festivals for you to watch at your leisure. 




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