#FCNWellfest Session Eleven - PSNI & Met approach to supporting practitioner wellbeing

#FCNWellfest Session Thirteen - Wellbeing lessons learned from Grenfell

#FCNWellfest Session Ten - Introduction to Police Care UK

#FCNWellfest Session Eight - Mindfulness

#FCNWellfest Session Seven - Sleep and fatigue

#FCNWellfest Session Six - Supporting forensic staff – some ideas to promote and maintain staff wellbeing

#FCNWellfest Session Five - Anxiety and resilience workshop

#FCNWellfest Session Four - The story of my PTSD

#FCNWellfest Session Three - Psychological risk assessment

#FCNWellfest Session Two - Building Resilience for Employees In Trauma Exposed Roles

#FCNWellfest Session One: Griffeye Presents - Why Are Investigators Traumatised by CSE Images? With Maariya Arshad

We've compiled recordings from live conferences and festivals for you to watch at your leisure. 




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