The first national digital forensics services dynamic purchasing system (DPS) went live in March.

Webinar 10th June 11.30 – 12.30:

Via Teams (dial-in option available)

The new system is an eagerly anticipated advancement in digital forensics. The scope, quality standards and structure of the DPS have been built by forces, for forces to meet future digital forensic service requirements for policing and law enforcement and is fully endorsed by Digital Forensics Marketplace Operations Group.

Forces can build and amend their requirements continually over the DPS’s eight-year duration, encouraging suppliers to respond to their developing needs. It also provides an automated electronic process, with an entirely paperless system. There are ten suppliers currently on the system, with a typical competition timetable of around eight weeks. The DPS will be subject to ongoing evaluation as new suppliers join and forces submit their requirements. 

We’re here to help forces use the DPS and access the system in a way which works for them. Some forces are already working with us and we’ll share the learning from that experience.

Documentation associated with undertaking competitions from the DPS can be found on the Bluelight Procurement Database: