British Motor Museum, Gaydon
ASI Bioanalytics & Technology

Join us to review the success and impact of drug driving legislation, with an additional and unique insight into how split-second judgement and reaction times for Traffic & Firearms Officers could be improved using novel technology from the world of high-performance sport.

An unmissable & free of charge meeting for police and the road traffic law community, plus lunch and admission to the British Motor Museum

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It is almost 8 years since drug driving legislation came into force in England & Wales and its undoubted success has not been without problems – not least of which has been the sheer number of cases processed and prosecuted.

Book a place to hear more about how policing and an accredited testing laboratory have adapted to these challenges.

  • Drug Driving Wars: Episode 1 - ‘What have we unleashed?’  Prof Atholl Johnston sat on the original DfT committee that advised Government on the drug driving limits and will explain how the legislation came to be and its impact.
  • ‘Testing….Testing…’ Dr Lewis Couchman will reveal the laboratory testing procedure, the analytical challenges of measuring a suite of 17 drugs and possible loopholes sometimes exploited by Defence.
  • ‘On The Merseybeat’ The experience of one of the largest metropolitan forces in England presented by Paul Mountford, Force Lead for Drink & Drug Driving.

And just before lunch, a very special opportunity to hear about Okkulo – a sensory system that allows you to see, think and act quicker – a real innovation in sports technology.  How could it enhance police reaction times in high-speed driving and firearms deployment to benefit Officer Safety, a primary objective for policing?  You decide!

  • ‘A Sensory Boost for Policing & Officer Safety’ - Mel O’Connor, Founder of

Finish off with a stroll around the museum to marvel at the finest collection of classic and high-performance cars in the UK.  All free of charge? What’s not to like?

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