Carolyn Lovell
Research & Development manager


I have significant experience working within operational police forensic units. I started my career working within the fingerprint enhancement lab in 1995 and have since worked across many operational forensic roles, my last position was Head of Operations. My professional development has continued with a BSc in Biology, MSc in Forensic Archaeology and post grads in teaching and leadership. I have recently completed a  PHD in Criminal Justice specialising in Sexual Offences. I am an honorary lecturer at the University of Portsmouth and support and supervise student research. I have developed and delivered the Crime Scene Managers/Coordinators course both in the UK and internationally.

I can help you with…

I have broad experience across forensic and policing disciplines, so can assist across most areas, specifically research, crime scene investigation, management and sexual offences, drugs/child death. Just get in touch as I usually have the links, whether UK or International.

What was your first job in policing or forensics?

My first job was as a Fingerprint Enhancement Technician which I undertook for 12 months. I joined with the aim to be a (then) SOCO, of which I was one of the first female civilian staff.

What is your favourite part of your role?

I am passionate about forensics and assuring its use within the policing context. I am really enjoying engaging with forensic practitioners, academics, industry and policing professionals to develop the R&D and actively achieve success through funding and driving change.

What work in your career have you most enjoyed?

I have enjoyed every aspect of my career to date. I especially like to ensure that individuals learn from experiences and share their knowledge. Sharing my views at the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee was a memorable experience! Perhaps heading out to meet one of the cruise ships coming into dock at 4am from a pilot boat and swinging off a rope ladder with CSI kit in a rucksack always brings a smile to my face!