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Brokering and service management

The FCN is designed to enable a truly networked policing model, where:

  • members are able to share workload and expertise across the network without having to move the people providing the services;
  • forensic evidence is digitised whenever feasible and as early in the process as possible, to enable sharing in real time;
  • results are provided both as digitised reports and as data in a standardised format;
  • members have the choice and control over what delivery capacity they supply to or leverage from the network.

Some capabilities will enable workload to be routed and prioritised automatically. However, this will only happen where FCN members have chosen that as their preferred way of working. Where FCN members prefer a less automated approach, or where automated capabilities are still in development, Operations will broker services between different FCN members, based upon demand and capacity and taking into account each individual FCN member’s wishes.

To help optimise performance, Operations will:

  • provide comprehensive service management information and dashboards;
  • take a proactive approach in liaising with FCN members to re-assign or re-prioritise work, where there are clear operational benefits in doing so and members are happy for this load balancing to take place;
  • use business intelligence to measure and report on service performance against Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and will make this information available regularly to FCN members;
  • use this business intelligence to trouble-shoot problems, analyse the root cause of issues, and continuously improve services and processes.

The whole FCN operation will comply with ITIL best practice e.g. incident logging, problem tracking through to resolution and proactive service monitoring. The FCN platform will have a dedicated ICT and Information Assurance (IA) support team to provide effective monitoring of security issues, patching and user notifications etc. The platform will also log system audit data to either the National Management Centre being established by the National Enablers Programme or the Home Office Cyber Security Operations Centre to provide review against the latest threat databases.

Identifying and exploiting opportunities so members can meet future challenges by having the people, knowledge, skills and specialist tools and capabilities they will need.
Achieving and maintaining quality service with efficient, standardised processes, and to act as a single voice with key standards and accreditation stakeholders.
Maximising resilience and effectiveness through the design, introduction and maintenance of new ICT platforms, tools, operating models and business change support.
Designing, developing and maintaining a sustainable and forward-looking commercial marketplace for both traditional and digital forensic science