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Benefits for the public

Many of the challenges facing the forensic science service are outlined in the ‘why is it needed?’ section, which sets out why the FCN is being created.

Even without these specific challenges, forensic science is a crucial part of law enforcement and criminal justice.

It provides much of the evidence that can identify and bring offenders to justice.

A lot of this happens behind the scenes, but the public will also encounter forensic science staff when they have been a victim of crime.

An efficient and effective service is key to maintaining public confidence in policing and law enforcement.

Some of the benefits the public will see over time from the creation of the FCN include:

  • Faster forensic results & reduced investigation time – leading to cases solved faster
  • Criminals brought to justice more often and consistently – leading to reduced harm
  • Borderless investigations and improved connectivity with specialist services – leading to improved case resolution
  • High quality evidence from accredited labs and fewer evidential challenges – leading to cases being resolved more swiftly and more successful prosecutions

Read more about the how the FCN will change the way we respond to and manage a range of scenarios and issues: