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FCN Future Operating Model

What are we delivering?

We have a dedicated project that is establishing a future operating model for FCN, rooted in the views of our stakeholders. We aim to create a shared understanding of how the Network will collectively deliver outstanding service to victims and the public, support frontline personnel, and ensure the ongoing delivery of high-quality forensic science.

What difference will it make?

The FOM will drive effective collaboration on methods, technology and infrastructure, better embed quality standards and reduce quality failings, enable load-sharing and backlog reduction and support faster operationalising of new services. This will help to avoid duplication of effort nationally and lead to more value for money, improved operational outcomes and, ultimately, better service for the public.

How are we approaching it? 

  • Strategic and member-led: the views of the Network will inform and define every aspect of the project and model.
  • Multiple touchpoints: we’re creating a range of engagement opportunities, from one-to-one calls to focus groups, and will discuss the project at all relevant boards and meetings.
  • Phased approach: working together we’ll develop a common view of the existing landscape, then create a vision of the future and a roadmap to take us there.
  • More than tech! This isn’t just about technology, it's about people using expertise, skills, relationships and collaborative thinking.
  • Highest priority: The FOM is key to achieving the FCN business strategy and will ultimately drive everything else we do.

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We'd like to hear from you
We’re keen to ensure that the forensics community is actively involved in every stage of FOM. If you’re interested in being part of the project, please get in touch.